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Are you ready to live your best life?

Before you answer this question, I would like to share something with you. 

I didn't use to live my best life, far from it actually! I grew up in a dysfunctional family, had low selfesteem, ended up in an emotional abusive

relationship for seven long years and I used to be surrounded by people,

that didn't see or value me, for the person that I truly am.

So I took a lifechanging decision.

I ended the relationship and left all the people behind, that did not

align, with the person that I wanted to be...

It may sound harsh to you, but it ended up changing my life completely!!

So through the last 8 years of my life, I have dedicated all my sparetime, to figuring out, how I could turn my life around and actually start to Feel good about it. I wanted to be able to start living and enjoying my life to the fullest. Because, honestly! We are only here for a limited time and

we have to enjoy the ride while it lasts, right?


But I discovered that sometimes it can feel very lonely, to be on your own selfdiscovery journey, throgh life and maybe like myself, you dont feel safe in sharing your thoughts, feelings and ideas with the people around you.


Therefore I have created a space where women can come together and

share their passion for life and get inspired to Feel Good about it.


This community is for all women who wants to live their best,

most healthiest and happiest life through selfcare,

spiritual growth and personal development.


I want you to know that:

"Life is truly beautiful

and so are you"


and you deserve to live your best life...

So let me introduce you to the Exclusive online Community

The Feel Good Magazine - Members Club

The #1 place to Feel Good.

This is for you who wants to be a part of an exclusive online community,

where you have the unique opportunity to connect with likeminded

souls around the world - so that you don't feel alone anymore!

I know that life can sometimes feel like a strugle and you may feel tired and have long busy workdays. Our goal in the Feel Good Magazine - Members Club is to provide you with the right support and inspiration for you as a woman,

wife and mother, to take time out for yourself and start prioritizing daily

selfcare routines. When you are feeling good and recharged you

have more energy to be present with the ones you love.

The Feel Good Magazine - Members Club 

Will inspire you to strengthen your mindset and empower you to believe

in yourself, so that you are able to create the life that you truly deserve.

You will learn more about spirituality and how to manifest the most amazing things into your life by co-creating with the Universe.

You will gain more knowledge about your intuition, and how it

can guide you to a magnificent life.

Let me tell you something:

"Life doesn't have to be or look perfect,

It just has to Feel Good"


Founder - Mie Stenner
Thefeelgoodmagazine-members club.png

What are you waiting for!!

Come join our online Community

The Feel Good Magazine - Members Club


Monthly Masterclasses

With coaches and spiritual teachers. 

Unlimited access to

With handpicked inspiration for you to feel good. 

The Feel Good Magazine - Members Club

An exclusive closed community on Facebook.

Pre sale offers - members ONLY!

On courses, workshops, events + retreats.

Exclusive Discounts

On selected products and partnerships.

And the best part is...

There are already 2 online magazines in the membership, (in danish)

filled with unique inspiration for you to feel good...

and It's much more affordable than you think!!


So start investing in yourself TODAY and remember to share

this page with a friend, that you know deserves to

Feel Goo

and let's build a community together!

So are you ready to live your best life?

NOTICE: This membership will make you FEEL GOOD and have a positive

impact on your life or 100% money back guarantee within the first three months.

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